PUERTO RICO BORROWERS WE OFFER FHA, USDA, AND CONVENTIONAL LOANS FOR PUERTO RICO BORROWERS WHO LIVE, WORK AND FILE TAX RETURNS IN PUERTO RICO WITH 3.5% DOWN PAYMENT! Min 550 FICO to qualify 96.5% LTV (3.5% Down Payment) We Accept Your Hacienda Tax Returns 15, 20 & 30 YR Fixed Terms + (5/1 & 7/1 ARM Available) No Minimum Tradelines IN ENGLISH Our Loan Pre-Approval Application is for those borrowers who live and/or work in Puerto Rico and would like to be pre-approved with a qualifying amount, rate and down payment that collectively meets with their expectations and budget before making a full commitment to move forward. Once the loan pre- approval application is submitted, one of our professional loan specialist assigned to your account will contact you to review your credit history and last two years (hacienda) tax returns. Once you are pre-approved and agree with the terms. We will issue you signed pre-approval letter and initiate the final underwriting approval process. EN ESPANOL Nuestra solicitud de préstamo Pre-aprobación es para los prestatarios que viven y / o trabajan en Puerto Rico y me gustaría ser pre-aprobado con una cantidad de calificación, la tasa y el pago inicial que satisface colectivamente con sus expectativas y presupuesto antes de hacer un compromiso total con avanzar. Una vez que se presente la solicitud de pre-aprobación del préstamo, uno de nuestros especialistas de préstamo profesional asignado a su cuenta se comunicará con usted para revisar su historial de crédito y dos últimos años devoluciones (hacienda) de impuestos. Una vez que esté pre- aprobado y estoy de acuerdo con los términos. Publicaremos usted firmó carta de aprobación previa e iniciar el proceso de aprobación de la suscripción final
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THE NEW VA MORTGAGE ADVANTAGE A VA Loan has many advantages that make it one of the most appealing paths to home ownership and this great benefit is reserved exclusively to those who bravely served our country and select military spouses. When combined, the benefits of the VA mortgage allow service members and Veterans to take advantage of substantial cost savings under qualification requirements designed specifically for members of the military and their unique needs.
VA PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS 100% Financing Competitive interest rates No PMI (private mortgage insurance) FICO starting at 560 is OK Disabled Veterans pay no Property Tax in Florida
We are Approved VA Lenders !
WE ARE EXCITED TO PRESENT OUR NEW CONVENTIONAL 1% DOWN WITH EQUITY PLUS LOAN PROGRAM You simply put down 1%, and we (Lender) contribute 2%*, giving you 3% equity at closing Great low rates Close in 30 days or less Conventional 30-year fixed program Available with no monthly Mortgage Insurance *2% is a lender contribution and may only be applied to down payment
“We offer programs with 1 day out of a recent mortgage events like Bankruptcy, Foreclosure and Short Sale”
Foreign National Loans Puerto Rico Borrower Loans Commercial Real Estate Laons Investor Loans Credit Score  LENDING 0 VA Loans stated income loans Reverse Mortage Loan
Let Us Make Your Dream Home A Reality
Use Cash-on-hand (no seasoning required) for Down Payment Use Family Income as Non-Occupant Co-Borrowers to Qualify Use Current Household Members Income to Qualify - Not on Note! Use Boarder/Room Mate to help Qualify Use Spare Room Rental Income to Qualify Minimum 620 Credit Score to Qualify
Flexible Options with FAMILYReady Home Mortgage
Jumbo Loans - Interest Only
FAMILYReady Mortgage Loan Program
If you answered YES! To any of the six options above? Then your ready for a FAMILYReady Home Mortgage!
At 1st Florida Lending Corp, we have been closing Commercial Real Estate loans in Florida since 2007 offering fast funding by seasoned professionals. We offer a full range of commercial real estate loan programs including Full Doc Loans, Self-Employed loans, No-Doc Loans and Stated Income Loans to make your commercial real estate financing easy for any FICO score to fit almost any property type and financial situation.
Simply State your Income and Verify Self-Employment for two years - With No Income Verification! Unlike our Stated Income / Non-Owner Occupied Property Loans or No-Doc Loans which are available to any borrower willing to provide evidence of funds-to-close, is restricted to investment and rental properties. Our Stated- Income Loan Program is for "OWNER-OCCUPIED PROPERTIES" being the “KEY WORD”, and only available to Self-Employed Borrowers who have established a good credit history
Full Doc using Income from Tax Returns Maximum loan amount $5,000,000 Attractive 95% LTV’s on Primary Purchases No MI & Pre- Pay Penalty / Rates in the high 2’s
Changing tax status from W-2 to 1099 self-employed There generally is a 12 month waiting period after you change your tax status from wage earner (W-2) to independent Contractor (1099) or New Business owner. However, there are exceptions in lowering the waiting period which is considered on a case by case basis
We pay your closing cost on both purchase and refinance Our Lender Credit Program that offers borrowers lender credits that can be used to pay their upfront closing costs! The Lender Credit Program has saved borrowers thousands in upfront fees and may be all they need to obtain a mortgage for their new home. Min 620 fico
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Self-Employed - 12 -24 month Bank Statements Maximum loan amount $5,000,000 Attractive 90% LTV on Primary Purchases No MI & Pre- Pay Penalty / Rates in the low 4’s
With our no-documentation loans, there is no employment or income verification needed to qualify. Only an appraisal, source of funds to close, reserves and a credit report depending on which plan you select is required with closing time lines ranges between 10 to 14 days but never exceed 20 days.
Many people confuse the Foreign National Programs with the ITIN loan program. It is important to identify the ITIN borrower using the following explanation: ITIN borrowers are living in the United States but unable to document their legal status. ITIN borrowers have filed and obtained an ITIN number which is similar to a Social Security #. ITIN borrowers will need a valid State issued ID & Passport ITIN borrowers will need to establish a bank account before your loan is closed. ITIN borrowers have been filing tax returns for a minimum of 2 yrs using the IRS issued ITIN #. No overseas income allowed. We are offer ITIN loan program with the following: Loan Amounts to $600,000.00 Up to 80% LTV with traditional credit and 620+ Fico Score Up to 75% LTV with non-traditional credit and No Fico Score * FR, PUD, Townhouse, Condo (Warrantable only) Purchase and R/T Refinance Owner Occupied Only 5% down payment from borrower - additional funds can be gift from family Minimum Loan Amount is $150K Non-traditional credit and No Fico Score. If you have not established a credit score with 3 or more trade-lines, you can establish a 620 score by providing us with 12 months of on-time payments for 3 alternative sources (rent, utilities, cell, insurance, etc.) This is approved on a case-by-case basis
* Disclaimer: All Loan programs, rates and terms can change without notice and are subject to credit and underwriting approval. Loan charts highlight min/max constraints, assumptions & random scenarios only. We will always work hard to approve your loan but there are no guarantees of any kind expressed or implied that any loan we be approved. Licensed in Florida Only © 2007 - 20211st Florida Lending Corp. - All rights reserved I Privacy Policy I Terms of Use I
Starting in the 5’s Starting in the 5’s NO-DOC LOAN RATES JUST WENT DOWN NO VERIFICATION OF INCOME NO VERIFICATION OF EMPLOYMENT  LENDING CRITERIA PLAN  1W - NEW   PLAN 2C  PLAN 3V  TRUE NO DOC LOAN Starting Rates High 5's  * High 7's * Mid 7’s to 8’s  * Start 9‘s ARM*  Maximum LTV up to 80% up to 75% up to 75% up to 60% FICO Score Required Yes - Min 640 Yes - Min 640 Yes - Min 640 NONE  Minimum Loan Amount $250,000.00 $200,000.00 $150,000.00 $150,000.00 Maximum Loan Amount 2 Million 2 Million 5 Million 1 Million Loan Terms 5 yr ARM to  30yr fix 1-4 yrs ARM only 3 to 8yr fixed 5 yrs ARM only Cash-Out Refinancing YES YES YES YES New Appraisal Required YES YES YES YES Employment Verification NO NO NO NO Income Documentation NO NO NO NO Tax Returns NO NO NO NO Pre-Pay Penalties YES YES YES YES Mortgage Insurance NO NO NO NO Gift Funds Allowed Allowed Allowed Allowed Reserves Required YES YES YES YES Property Types  Single Family, Multi-Family and Condominiums  Loan Consolidation Up to 10 properties *   The starting rate indicators based on LTV selected and property type/use   PLEASE NOTE THAT THESE PROGRAMS ARE FOR NON-OWNER OCCUPIED PROPERTIES ONLY     Starting in the 5’s CLICK LEARN MORE  >

Over 48 Custom Loan Programs

APPLY FOR ANY TYPE OF LOAN USING OUR LOAN MATCH WIZARD APPLICATION How Does it Work? The Loan Match Wizard allows us to provide you with a specific loan program type that fits your scenario based on the information provided followed by quote with low rates and takes less than 2 minutes to complete. No Obligation to obtian a quote and we Do Not Pull your Credit !
Explosive growth in the Vacation rental industry is expected to continue in 2018! Explosive growth in the Vacation rental industry is expected to continue in 2018. Fortunately, as the demand for vacation rental investments has risen, so has the availability of rental property financing. In fact, in some cases it is easier to obtain financing for a vacation rental than a primary residence or second home Highlights: Homes treated as Non-Owner, Stated or DSCR Available Up to 75% LTV on Purchase Up to 70% LTV on Cash Out or Refi Up to $3,000,000 loan amount 500 FICO or below Okay Non-Prime, ODF or NOO Business Purpose program available All income programs including Bank Statements and ATR-in-Full available Stated income or DSCR via a remittance statement for income accepted Not Required: Evidence that short-term rental is legal in subject property's jurisdiction Evidence of registrations, licenses, permits and business tax certificates Evidence owner registered and paid any transient occupancy taxes Evidence of commercial liability insurance.
95% Jumbo Loan No-Doc Loans FHA, USDA & VA
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Why a Bank Statement Loan? With over 14 programs our Bank Statement Loan programs are rapidly becoming the loan of choice For Self-Employed, DBA’s, Sole Proprietors, Corporations, 1099 Independent Contractors and W-2 wage earners who have cash flow and payment history, but show a reduced taxable income as a result of high deductions
“We offer programs with 1 day out of a recent mortgage events like Bankruptcy, Foreclosure and Short Sale”
No Income Doc Loans allows borrowers to qualify based on the appraised property value only and does not rely on the creditworthiness of the borrower. Instead, we look to the value of the property and make sure that if the borrower defaults, there will be sufficient equity in the property over and above the amount of the loan.
Bank Statement Loans allows business owners and/or self-employed contractors to purchase or refinance regardless of what you make for income. The system of tax write-offs that make your job profitable keeps holding you back from buying a home. Simply stated we qualify you based on your total annual deposits
An FHA Direct Loan Low allows down-payment options starting at 3.5%. Flexible qualifications guidelines with high than average DTI ratios. Low interest rates. Attractive refinance options with high loan amounts. FHA loans bring home ownership within reach even for those with FICO score as low as 550 with 10% down.
With a New VA Mortgage you can obtain 100% financing with competitive interest rates and favorable loan terms. At Zero 0% down payment our VA loan programs can help eligible veterans and active duty service members become homeowners and provide refinance options with Fico score as low as 550.
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Our ITIN Mortgage Loans helped thousands of employed and/or self-employed Non-US citizen undocumented immigrant families living and working throughout the State of Florida to realize their dream of home ownership. Whether you are a first time homebuyer, refinancing your existing home or relocating.
Asset Depletion Loan

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Préstamos hipotecarios ITIN

Actualmente ofrecemos 6 programas de préstamos hipotecarios de identificación fiscal de ITIN y hemos ayudado a

miles de ciudadanos no estadounidenses las familias en toda la Florida realizan su sueño de tener una casa propia.

Simplificamos los préstamos hipotecarios ITIN ¡Comience la aplicación para comprar o refinanciar su casa hoy! TM . . . and more COMPRA EN CASA APRENDE MAS CONVENTIONAL LOANS - 6 Programs Conventional - Purchase  Conventional - Refinance Conventional - Cash-Out Refinance SELF-EMPLOYED LOANS - 14 Programs Covid-19 Relief Self-Employed Loans 12-Months Bank Statement Loans   24-Months Bank Statement Loans   W-2 to 1099 Self-Employed  FHA LOANS - 8 Programs   FHA 96.5% LTV at 600 FICO    FHA below 580 FICO - Temp Suspended  FHA Refinance FHA 203K Streamline  FHA 203K Renovations  FHA 203H VA LOAN PROGRAMS - 4 Program VA Purchase   VA Streamline Refinance VA Jumbo Loans VA Streamline (IRRRL) USDA LOANS - 3 Programs USDA 100% LTV USDA Streamline  USDA Home Improvement Loan NO-INCOME VERIFI LOANS - 9 Programs   Commercial Investment Investment Purchase Investment Rental   Cash Flow No Doc Loans BRIDGE LOANS FOREIGN NATIONAL LOANS - 6 Programs Foreign National Stated Income Foreign National Full Documentation ITIN Non-US Citizen Loan REVERSE MORTGAGE LOAN - 3 Programs  Single-purpose Reverse Mortgage Proprietary Reverse Mortgage Investment Reverse Mortgage  SPECIALTY LOAN PROGRAMS Construction-to-Perm -Temp Suspended  Family Ready  Home Community  Puerto Rico Borrower Loan Asset Depletion Loans  Condotel Loans  Land Only Loans FAST CLOSING i  UP TO 80% LTV BRIDGE LOANS no income OR EMPLOYMENT  VERiFICATION required
no prepayment penalty
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