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2. Vacation Investment Property QUICK QUOTE Beach or ski rentals can yield the equivalent of a month’s long-term rent in a week. Vacation rental services can supplement and even a few nights a month can add up to the mortgage being covered You can use when you wish 3. College Investment Property QUICK QUOTE Almost always a demand High rents because college-owned competition charges top dollar Rental market is calculated with each individual tenant’s share compared against dorm or college- owned apartment rates (as opposed to one rate for entire property) The area markets itself You can have property do double duty if you buy where your children plan to attend school Rent short term during summer or off season for orientation, summer school, sports competitions, etc. Long-term Investment Property QUICK QUOTE Steady tenants, sometimes for years, allow you to know and trust who is caring for your home and build equity Low turnover can help you anticipate repairs (tenants have proven they won’t damage property, but regular upkeep will still be necessary) It can be a “passive investment.” If management company is utilized, it can handle all leasing, tenant interactions and repairs. Track market and sell when it’s most advantageous
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Real Estate Investment Loans

Qualify for Investment Loans based on potential rental income. We offer long-term or a short-term programs tailored to your budget and needs. Real estate investor requirements are different from that of a primary home buyer. At 1st Florida Lending we understand investment financing and make it easy to obtain funding using different sources of income. So if you’re considering real estate investing and an investment property loan, listed below are some property type options: 1. OUR NEW ! ALL-INCLUSIVE RENTAL INVESTMENT PROPERTY ACQUISITION LOAN. Purchase or Refinance Rental Property with No Income or Employment Verification. Anyone can purchase or refinance rental investment property based on rental income only. If there is no rental income. Qualify based on the Appraisal Estimated Rental Income. Minimum Down Payment starting at 25% to 30% Loan Amounts up to $2M Non-Owner Occupied only No Reserve Requirements (depending on LTV) No income verification Available terms: 5yr, 7yr ARM or 30-year Fixed

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