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To receive  a Loan Quote, please  complete our 2 minute  online questionnaire below.  One of our experienced loan officers at 1st Florida Lending who specializes in bank statement loans. Will guide you through  process, provide you with options along with a quote with rates/terms that meets with your criteria and budget. We Specialize in Mortgages for Self-Employed Borrowers Bank Statement Loans offer Flexible Mortgage Solutions for Self-Employed  Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Freelancers, 1099 Contractors and more! Aside from the Military outreach programs that we proudly support. 
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90% LTV for Purchases - Low Rates with Buy Down Options

Most Banks/Lenders offer one or two bank statement program’s for their self-employed borrowers. At 1st Florida Lending, we offer more than 14 Programs with the low rates and streamlined processing, even for the most challenging loan scenarios.

14 Self-Employed Solutions

Self-employed Business owners, Freelance employees, 1099 Consultants, Contract workers, Independent Contractors, Sole proprietors, Online retailers, Economy workers, Realtors, Entrepreneurs and many other types of Self-Employed scenarios.

Qualifying Requirements

Seasoned Loan Officers

We understand what it takes to close bank statement loans. The first ingredient, is an experience loan officers who originate our bank statement loans These loans are all manually underwriting (no software is utilized like FHA Loans) with 4 x the paperwork.
Advantages of Bank Statement Loans (Below are highlights of our 14 + Self-Employed Bank Statement Loan Programs) 12 & 24 Months Business or Personal Statements Borrow up to 90% of your primary homes value 100% of Deposits on Personal Statements is utilized in Analysis Use Up To 85% of Deposits on Business Statements s utilized in Analysis No tax returns required or 4506 required to qualify Min $150,000 up to $5,000,000 (need more? Ask your Loan Officer ) Low Rates and Buy Downs with some programs Min 600 Fico permitted No Mortgage Insurance (all programs) No Prepayment Penalty (all programs) SFR, Condos, Town house and 2-4 Units Non-warrantable condos OK 5/1 & 7/1 ARM’s or 30 year Fixed Borrower does not have to be 100% owner of the business Multiple bank accounts are permitted in some programs P&L statements NOT required on most programs Owner-occupied, 2nd homes and investment properties Bankruptcy, Foreclosure, Short Sale (Min 2 years out) Common-sense consideration of NSFs and overdrafts Some reserves required depending on credit and loan amount Purchase, Rate/Term and Cash-Out Refinancing Co-Borrowers may use non self-employment income sources like W2, rental retirement, social security and pension. NEW AND UPDATED PROGRAMS! ONE (1) YEAR PROGRAM BANK STATEMENT PROGRAM W2 wage earners who changed status to self-employed One (1) year or more ago but have not been self-employed for a full two (2) years. • Up to 80% LTV • Last 12 months bank statements plus last two years W2's • 600 Min FICO • Up to $4,000,000 Loan Amount 1099 CONTRACTOR INCOME - NO OTHER INCOME DOCUMENTATION NEEDED • Up to 80% LTV • 2 Most Recent Bank Statements • 600 Min FICO • Up to $4,000,000 Loan Amount
14 bank statement programs to choose from We are Direct Mortgage Lenders   Challenging Loans is our Specialty Dedicated Team  of Seasoned  Loan Officers Competitive Rates   Fast Closings Why Choose Us?
Self-Employed Bank statement loans are popular with some of thes types of borrowers:
Qualifying for a Self-Employed Bank Statement Loan Bank Statement Loans are utilized by a wide range of self-employed professionals, including Business owners, Freelance employees, Consultants, Contract workers, Independent contractors, Sole proprietors, Online retailers, Economy workers, Realtors, Entrepreneurs and many other types of self-employed people, etc... Being self-employed it can be difficult to obtain a mortgage. The facts are that most self- employed would agree that their tax returns don't really show their true income as many tend to write off many expenses over that a W-2 wage earner. Regardless of what you make for income, tax write-offs and deductions reduce your taxable income that can affect your debt-to-income ratios. As a result, your net taxable income (after deductions) may disqualify you for a traditional mortgage for purchasing and/or refinancing ! Q. How do we calculate income utilizing personal bank statements or business bank statements? Personal Bank Statement Loan: Income received for your goods and/or services is payable to your personal name and deposited into your personal bank account. Business Bank Statement Loan: Income received for your goods and/or services is payable to your business name and deposited into your business bank account. Determining Qualifying Income We use total bank statement deposits to establish a monthly qualifying Income. Eligible income is calculated differently between a personal bank statement and business bank statement loan. Personal Bank Statement Loan: We count 100% of your deposits which is utilized in Analysis Business Bank Statement Loan: : We count up to 85% of your deposits which is utilized in Analysis